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Hao Wang, Haibin Ouyang, Liqun Gao, Wei Qin.  2014.  Opposition-based learning harmony search algorithm with mutation for solving global optimization problems. Control and Decision Conference (2014 CCDC), The 26th Chinese. :1090-1094.

This paper develops an opposition-based learning harmony search algorithm with mutation (OLHS-M) for solving global continuous optimization problems. The proposed method is different from the original harmony search (HS) in three aspects. Firstly, opposition-based learning technique is incorporated to the process of improvisation to enlarge the algorithm search space. Then, a new modified mutation strategy is instead of the original pitch adjustment operation of HS to further improve the search ability of HS. Effective self-adaptive strategy is presented to fine-tune the key control parameters (e.g. harmony memory consideration rate HMCR, and pitch adjustment rate PAR) to balance the local and global search in the evolution of the search process. Numerical results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm performs much better than the existing improved HS variants that reported in recent literature in terms of the solution quality and the stability.