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Gupta, Hritvik, Patel, Mayank.  2020.  Study of Extractive Text Summarizer Using The Elmo Embedding. 2020 Fourth International Conference on I-SMAC (IoT in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) (I-SMAC). :829–834.
In recent times, data excessiveness has become a major problem in the field of education, news, blogs, social media, etc. Due to an increase in such a vast amount of text data, it became challenging for a human to extract only the valuable amount of data in a concise form. In other words, summarizing the text, enables human to retrieves the relevant and useful texts, Text summarizing is extracting the data from the document and generating the short or concise text of the document. One of the major approaches that are used widely is Automatic Text summarizer. Automatic text summarizer analyzes the large textual data and summarizes it into the short summaries containing valuable information of the data. Automatic text summarizer further divided into two types 1) Extractive text summarizer, 2) Abstractive Text summarizer. In this article, the extractive text summarizer approach is being looked for. Extractive text summarization is the approach in which model generates the concise summary of the text by picking up the most relevant sentences from the text document. This paper focuses on retrieving the valuable amount of data using the Elmo embedding in Extractive text summarization. Elmo embedding is a contextual embedding that had been used previously by many researchers in abstractive text summarization techniques, but this paper focus on using it in extractive text summarizer.