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Liu, Xutao, Li, Qixiang.  2021.  Asymmetric Analysis of Anti-Terrorist Operations and Demand for Light Weapons under the Condition of Informationization. 2021 IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference on Image Processing, Electronics and Computers (IPEC). :1152–1155.

Asymmetric warfare and anti-terrorist war have become a new style of military struggle in the new century, which will inevitably have an important impact on the military economy of various countries and catalyze the innovation climax of military logistics theory and practice. The war in the information age is the confrontation between systems, and “comprehensive integration” is not only the idea of information war ability construction, but also the idea of deterrence ability construction in the information age. Looking at the local wars under the conditions of modern informationization, it is not difficult to see that the status and role of light weapons and equipment have not decreased, on the contrary, higher demands have been put forward for their combat performance. From a forward-looking perspective, based on our army's preparation and logistics support for future asymmetric operations and anti-terrorist military struggle, this strategic issue is discussed in depth.