Visible to the public Ionic Liquid and Amorphous Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Interactions: Towards a New Programmable Neuromorphic Platform

Neuromorphic computing attempts to model neuro-biological architectures using analog electronic signals. One emerging concept for neuromorphic computing involves ionic-liquid gated oxide materials. In this poster we will overview our group's recent research investigating ionic liquid-amorphous metal oxide semiconductor interactions. Finally, we will overview a new large scale programmable neuromorphic computing concept, which combines ionic liquid electrowetting and ionic liquid control of a materials transport. We will show, that using a hydrated ionic liquid (BMIM-TFSI), we can control the threshold voltage and on-current of an amorphous metal oxide transistor via H+ injection. Agile ionic liquid electrowetting fluid transport will also be demonstrated. Combining the electronic transport control and the pixelated electrowetting array results in a programmable neuromorphic platform that can be scaled to high pixel counts.

Creative Commons 2.5
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