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Organized in a series of European countries, ESORICS is confirmed as the European research event in computer security. The symposium started in 1990 and has been held on alternate years in different European countries, attracting an international audience from both the academic and industrial communities.
From 2002 the symposium has been held yearly. This year it will be organized by the Computer Science Department at the University of Malaga, being the first time that the event takes place in Spain. Papers may present theory, technique, applications, or practical experience on topics including:

  • access control
  • language-based security
  • accountability
  • network security
  • anonymity
  • non-inteference
  • applied cryptography
  • peer-to-peer security
  • authentication
  • privacy-enhancing technology
  • authorization and delegation
  • pseudonymity
  • covert channels
  • secure electronic commerce
  • cryptographic protocols
  • security administration
  • cybercrime
  • security as quality of service
  • data and application security
  • security evaluation
  • data integrity
  • securty management
  • denial of service attacks
  • security models
  • dependability
  • secure requirements engineering
  • digital right management
  • security verificaton
  • formal methods in security
  • smartcards
  • identitiy management
  • steganography
  • inference control
  • subliminal channels
  • information dissemination control
  • survivability
  • information ?ow control
  • system security
  • information warfare
  • transaction management
  • intellectual property protection
  • trust models and trust management policies
  • intrusion tolerance
  • trusthworthy use devices
Event Details
Malaga, Spain