Visible to the public CPS Community Forum 2011


The goal of the CPS Community Forum is to facilitate information exchange among industry, government and academic participants of CPSWEEK. Topics covered by the Forum include reports from the Industry Executive board and Academic Executive Board of the CPS Virtual Organization, discussion of CPS technology needs, research directions and state of education in the US, summaries of CPS research approaches internationally. The panel discussion will focus on exploiting new strategies to collaborative research in industry and academy, on accelerating the establishment of a core science and technology foundation that is relevant to the extremely broad spectrum of applications for CPS and identifying solutions for the education challenges.


  1. Welcome: CPS - The Second Year
    Dr Helen Gill, NSF
  2. Report of the CPS-VO
    1. Industry Executive Board Report
      Don Winter, IEB Chair, Boeing
    2. Academic Executive Board Report
      George Pappas, AEB Chair, University of Pennsylvania
    3. CPS-VO Infrastructure Report
      Christopher vanBuskirk, Vanderbilt University
  3. Federal Agency initiatives in CPS
    1. Federal Agency Perspectives in CPS
      William Martin, NSA
    2. Cyber-Physical Systems at NIST
      Al Wavering, NIST
  4. International Collaboration in CPS
    1. EU Perspective on CPS
      Jorge Pereira, EU Commission
    2. CPS Research Roadmap in Germany
      Manfred Broy, Germany
  5. Government/Industry Panel and Open Discussion
    Panelists: Manfred Broy, Helen Gill, William Martin, George Pappas, Jorge Pereira, Al Wavering, Don Winter
    Moderator: Raj Rajkumar