Visible to the public Digital Microfluidics Based on Active Matrix Electrowetting Technology: Software-Programmable High-Density Pixel Arrays

In this poster, we overview a new enhanced neuromorphic computing concept by integrating ionic electrowetting with ionic liquid gating and demonstrate programmable fluidic transport, short term (STP) and long term potentiation (LTP), and de-potentiation of individual pixel elements. The platform consists of an integrated thin film transistor with an IGZO active layer whose transfer characteristics are modified when the IL is present (STP), and subsequent IL gating via the top-plate electrode enables electrochemical doping of the active layer for non-volatile LTP mimicry. While many groups have demonstrated IL gating as a route for neuromorphic computing, the novelty in our platform is the convergence of IL gating with electrofluidic control for programmable placement of channels and droplets. Here, we demonstrate the integrated platform, demonstrate both the STP and LTP, compare two common ionic liquids, and finally illustrate the agile/programmable electrofluidic control of IL into channels and droplets. We believe this concept will be an important step towards realizing functional platforms for IL electrochemical gating of materials for neuromorphic computing applications.

Creative Commons 2.5