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1st International Workshop on Next-Generation Operating Systems for Cyber-Physical Systems (NGOSCPS): On Beyond POSIX

at CPS-IoT Week 2019, in Montreal, Canada


The theme of this first edition of the International Workshop on Next-Generation Operating Systems for Cyber-Physical Systems (NGOSCPS) is "On Beyond POSIX." This theme is intended to start a cohesive new conversation across a wide swath of the cyber-physical systems research community about (1) the key limitations of current operating system architectures, abstractions, semantics, models, designs, implementations, and verification and validation methods; and (2) what innovative new research problems, agendas, and overall directions should be pursued towards overcoming those limitations.

The vision for this inaugural edition of the workshop is to begin defining a new generation of operating systems that can provide higher-fidelity support for fundamental cyber-physical systems semantics (e.g., timing, concurrency, power, stability, safety, security, and other properties of cyber-physical systems' behaviors). Success of this year's workshop will motivate development of an increasingly technical and influential series of follow-on workshops in subsequent years, to generate and direct research topics and results towards new tracks in conferences such as RTAS and ICCPS, and in doing so to promote further growth and development of cyber-physical systems research.

Workshop Chair

  • Chris Gill, Washington University in St. Louis

Workshop Program Committee

  • Bjorn Brandenburg, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
  • Scott Brandt, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Liliana Cucu-Grosjean, INRIA
  • Rasit Eskicioglu, University of Manitoba
  • Joel Goossens, Universite Libre de Bruxelles
  • Tei-Wei Kuo, National Taiwan University
  • Jing Li, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Gabriel Parmer, George Washington University
  • Silvia Zhang, Washington University in St. Louis
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Montreal, Canada