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The CDC now is issuing a Level 2 travel advisory nationwide and recommending that all gatherings of 50 or more people be cancelled or postponed for the next eight weeks. Mayor Holt Oklahoma City came out with a similar statement Sunday for meetings held in the Downtown area where the Sheraton Hotel is located.

Please cancel any travel arrangements for the Region 5 Annual Meeting and Student Leadership Conference competitions. For the Sheraton Hotel you will need to cancel your individual reservations either online or by calling central reservations at 1-800-325-3535.

At this time were are still making arrangements to conduct the Green Technologies conference at a later date.

Sorry for any inconvenience in these extraordinary times.

Robert Scolli
2020 IEEE OKC Section Chair

2020 IEEE Annual Green Technologies Conference (GreenTech 2020)

The IEEE Green Technologies Conference (GreenTech) was conceived to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time that is in securing green and clean energy sources for the 21st century to protect the environment.

How do we provide the reliable energy demanded by an environmentally sensitive world using all our energy resources in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner?

This conference attempts to draw insights and encourage collaboration from many disciplines and backgrounds to address these challenges of Green and clean energy sources added to energy mix but also see challenges to the energy grid operations requiring active management of all the available energy sources to help build a resilient power grid. The 12th Annual IEEE Green Technology Conference hopes are to draw insights and encourage collaboration from the many disciplines with industrial collaborators in addressing these challenges.

The 2020 IEEE Green Technologies Conference theme is "Collaborative Technologies"

Collaboration or networking is the goal to increasing efficiency and improving quality of life by creating systems that reduce costs and improve services through networking, incorporating techniques from sensing to analytics and leveraging the technologies of Internet, wireless, and virtualization to deliver scalable, trusted and reliable energy. So review our Call for Papers (CFPs) and participate as an individual or a corporation.


  • Energy Generation & Storage Technologies
  • Energy Usage Reduction and Conservation
  • Architectural and Engineering Sustainable Designs
  • Environmental, Legal, Social, Economic, and Political Impacts
  • Smart Systems and Smart Infrastructures
  • Sustainable IT, Computing & Software Engineering
  • Biomedical & Biotechnology
  • Radar, Weather Forecasting, Water & Sanitation
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Oklahoma City, OK