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2nd Workshop on Fog Computing and the IoT

Co-located with CPS-IoT Week

When Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) become interconnected with each other and with the internet, they form the Internet of Things (IoT), forming "the infrastructure of the information society." Fog Computing is a "system-level architecture that distributes resources and services of computing, storage, control and net-working anywhere along the continuum from Cloud to Things" and is about to tremendously impact the IoT. The objective of this workshop is to be a forum for presenting and discussing recent developments and trends in Fog/Edge Computing that represent challenges and opportunities for CPS and IoT researchers and practitioners.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Fog Computing Architectures and Frameworks
  • Virtualization and Hypervisors for Fog Computing
  • Middleware for Fog Computing
  • Real-Time and Schedulability Aspects of Fog Computing
  • Formal Methods for Fog Computing Systems
  • CPS and Fog Computing
  • Multi-tiered, Novel Resource Management Solutions Involving the Edge/Fog/Cloud
  • Software-Defined Solutions in Fog Computing
  • Mobile Fog Computing
  • Data Centers and Infrastructures for Fog Computing
  • Programming Models and Runtime Systems for Fog Computing
  • Fog Resource Management for Guaranteed Quality-of-Service
  • Control-as-a-service and Virtualization of Control, Guaranteeing Quality-of-Control
  • Fog Computing Modeling and Analysis
  • Performance Analysis of Fog Computing Systems
  • Fog and Cloud Integration
  • Data Analytics and AI/ML at the Edge
  • Use Cases for / and Applications of Fog Computing
  • Emerging Fog Communication Technologies and Protocols (IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking, 5G)
  • Fog Computing Security, Data Privacy and Trust
  • Fog Computing Dependability and Safety
  • Standardization Efforts and Standards Relevant for Fog Computing
  • Interoperability Standards and Solutions, Including OPC UA and DDS
  • Discussion of Open Datasets and Testbeds

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Sydney, Australia