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The Second Workshop on Machine Learning on Edge in Sensor Systems (SenSys-ML)

In conjunction with CPS-IoT Week 2020

The second Workshop on Machine Learning on Edge in Sensor Systems (SenSys-ML) focuses on work that combines sensor signals from the physical world with machine learning, particularly in ways that are distributed to the device or use edge and fog computing. The development and deployment of ML at the very edge remains a technological challenge constrained by computing, memory, energy, network bandwidth and data privacy and security limitations. This is especially true for battery operated devices and always-on use cases and applications. This workshop will provide a forum for sensing, networking and machine learning researchers to present and share their latest research on building machine learning enabled sensor systems. Sensys-ML focuses on providing extensive feedback on Work In Progress papers involving machine learning (TinyML/ UltraML) on sensor systems.

Workshop Topics

  • Advancement in Hardware for enabling TinyML capabilities at the edge
  • System Architecture for supporting TinyML and UltraML
  • Parallel and Distributed Machine Learning for Sensor and Network systems
  • Machine Learning driven Data Analytics
  • System and Algorithm co-design for practical TinyML at Sensor Systems
  • Security and Privacy at the Edge
  • Video Analytics at the Edge
  • Validation and debugging of TinyML and UltraML
  • Emerging Sensing Applications using TinyML
Event Details
Sydney, Australia