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17th International Conference on Future Networks and Communications (FNC 2020)

Research in networks and communication technologies requires very significant investments of stakeholders for enabling our future networking society. Research in network communication has made several possible innovations having a strong influence on people's lives. Mobile communications and the Internet are two outstanding examples. Future Networks and Communications technologies, including mobile broadband and all optical networks are the key to the ground-breaking inventions to our future technologies. It will enable us to design and build the future communication infrastructure interconnecting and empowering the next generation enabling platforms.

While the technology itself develops faster and faster, the deployment and implementation of a new network infrastructure technology can take up to ten years. The future networks communication research will deliver the next generation of network technologies enabling smart connectivity for all, anywhere, and at any time at the highest speed and efficiency so as to meet the overwhelming demand by today's society. This is why we need to enable a very reliable and dependable future networks and communication to ensure that industries; businesses and consumers can access and use the most advanced content and services they call for.

Target Audience: International Conference on Future Networks and Communications (FNC) is designed for practitioners, researchers, scientists and administrators, in the development arenas. FNC will become the new "system blood" as it aims to provide discussions and simulations in the communication technology at the broad level and broadcasting technology and related technologies at the micro level. Through a set of research papers, using innovative and interactive approach, participants can expect to share a set of research that will prepare them to apply new technologies to their work in teaching, research and educational development amid this rapidly evolving landscape.

There will be opportunities to attend interactive, high quality, peer reviewed sessions, which will provide detailed insights from forward thinkers working in the themes of the conference. The conference will include a number of specialized workshops as well. Additionally there will be an exhibition for both international businesses and markets to display their latest products and services and to undertake a range of networking opportunities.

Scope of FNC: FNC research effort will help achieving a major promise of the emerging technologies such as, ubiquitous access to broadband, supporting vital applications in our daily lives such as health, energy consumption, environment transport, entertainment or education. The scope of FNC is the development of energy-efficient future network infrastructures that support the convergence and interoperability of heterogeneous mobile, wired and wireless broadband network technologies as enablers of the future Internet. This includes but not limited to ubiquitous fast broadband access and ultra-high speed end-to-end optical connectivity, supporting open services and innovative ambient applications. Scope also embraces novel and evolutionary approaches to tackle network architectures, taking due consideration of users and societal needs for success.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • - 4G Mobile Technology, Including Open Mobile Initiatives
  • - 4G Wireless Networks and Systems
  • - Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
  • - Adaptation Techniques for Next Generation Networks and Services
  • - Ambient and Pervasive Networking
  • - Augmented Reality
  • - Broadcast Technology
  • - Collaborative Communication Technology
  • - Communication Data Grids
  • - Communication Interfaces
  • - Communication Modelling
  • - Communication Network Security
  • - Communication Security, Trust, Protocols and Applications
  • - Communication Software
  • - Communication Technology for eLearning, eGovernment, eBusiness
  • - Crowd Sourcing and Human Computation
  • - End-to-End Quality of Service
  • - Energy Conservation Technologies
  • - Fixed-Mobile Convergence
  • - Forthcoming Optical Communication Systems
  • - Future Cloud for Communication
  • - Future Games and Games Designing
  • - Future Generation Communication Networks
  • - Future Internet and Networking Architectures
  • - Future Internet and Networking Architectures
  • - Future Mobile Communications
  • - Future Warehousing
  • - Grid, Crowd Sourcing and Cloud Computing
  • - High-Speed Data Applications on Mobile Networks
  • - Home Automation and Monitoring Applications
  • - HSPA, HSPA+, LTE, LTE Advance
  • - Human-Computer Communication
  • - Innovative Platforms and Applications for Assisted Living
  • - Intelligence for Future Communication Systems
  • - Intelligent Internet Communication
  • - Intelligent Systems for E-communication
  • - LTE Deployment Experiences
  • - Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Applications
  • - Mission Critical Architectures
  • - Mission Critical Mobile Technologies
  • - Mobile Applications User Interface and Design
  • - Mobile Commerce
  • - Mobile Entertainment
  • - Mobile GIS Applications
  • - Mobile Health Care and Medical Applications
  • - Mobile Learning
  • - Mobile Mixed Reality
  • - Mobile Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Applications
  • - Mobile Search Engines
  • - Mobile Social Networking
  • - Mobile TV and Multicast Applications
  • - Mobile TV and Multimedia Phones
  • - Mobile Vehicular Technologies
  • - Mobile Web Technology
  • - Next Generation Access Technologies
  • - Next Generation Hypermedia Systems
  • - Next Generation Mobile Gaming
  • - Next Generation Service Architectures
  • - Next Generation SIP-based VoIP and Video Over IP Applications
  • - Next Generation Software and Technologies for E-communication
  • - Next Generation VoLTE, PoC applications
  • - OMA 4G/IMS
  • - Pervasive Computing
  • - Proximity/Sensors/NFC Based Mobile Services
  • - Real-time Multimedia Applications
  • - Resource Allocation and Management Strategies
  • - Satellite and Space Communications
  • - Secure Mobile Banking Applications
  • - Social Technology Devises, Tools and Applications
  • - Web 2.0 Applications
  • - WiMax, WiMax 2
  • - Wireless Modelling
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Leuven, Belgium