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29th Static Analysis Symposium

Static Analysis is widely recognized as a fundamental tool for program verification, bug detection, compiler optimization, program understanding, and software maintenance. The series of Static Analysis Symposia has served as the primary venue for the presentation of theoretical, practical, and application advances in the area.


The technical program for SAS 2022 will consist of invited lectures and presentations of refereed papers. Contributions are welcomed on all aspects of static analysis, including, but not limited to:

  • Abstract interpretation
  • Automated deduction
  • Data flow analysis
  • Debugging techniques
  • Deductive methods
  • Emerging applications
  • Model-checking
  • Data science
  • Program optimizations and transformations
  • Program synthesis
  • Program verification
  • Machine learning and verification
  • Security analysis
  • Tool environments and architectures
  • Theoretical frameworks
  • Type checking
  • Distributed or networked systems

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Auckland, New Zealand