Towards Ambient Intelligence in Smart Healthcare: A CPS Perspective



Professor John A. Stankovic is the BP America Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia and Director of the Link Lab. He is a Fellow of both the IEEE and the ACM. He has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of York for his work on real-time systems. In 2022, he was elected to the Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine. He won the IEEE Real-Time Systems Technical Committee's Award for Outstanding Technical Contributions and Leadership. He also received the IEEE Technical Committee on Distributed Processing's Distinguished Achievement Award (inaugural winner), and the IEEE TCCPS Technical Achievement Award for Cyber Physical Systems. He has two test-of-time paper awards. Stankovic has an h-index of 122 and over 64,500 citations. Prof. Stankovic received his PhD from Brown University.



Ambient Intelligence has been a goal for more than 20 years. Are we getting close? What if we focus ambient intelligence on smart healthcare, are we getting close? What role does CPS play in ambient intelligence? This talk is motivated by these questions. Various challenges, research directions, and research results from my group’s work will be used to (partially) address these themes for healthcare. The talk includes discussions of the vision, the role of CPS, cognitive assistants on wearables, solutions supporting mental health, and lessons learned from real deployments. There is also a brief discussion on two key challenges: the need for robust models and dealing with uncertainties due to the environment and human behaviors.

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