IntelliSys 2023

Date: Sep 07, 2023 12:00 am – Sep 08, 2023 11:00 am
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys 2023) will focus in areas of intelligent systems and artificial intelligence and how it applies to the real world. IntelliSys provides a leading international forum that brings together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields with the purpose of exploring the fundamental roles, interactions as well as practical impacts of Artificial Intelligence. It is part of the conference series started in 2013.

The conference programme will include paper presentations, poster sessions and project demonstrations, along with prominent keynote speakers and industrial workshops. All submitted papers will be reviewed by experts in the field based on the criteria of originality, significance, quality and clarity.

Conference Tracks
Artificial Intelligence
 Deep Learning
 Neural Networks
 Fuzzy Logic
 Expert Systems
 Computational Intelligence
 Natural Language Processing
 Data Mining
 Neuromorphic systems
 Sentiment Analysis
Machine Vision
 Human Computer Interaction
 Pattern Recognition
 Image/Video Processing
 Intrusion Detection
 Brain-Machine Interface
 Geographic Information Systems
 Signal Processing
 Medical Diagnosis
 Segmentation Techniques
 Augmented/Virtual Reality
 Humanoid Robots
 Space and underwater robots
 Assistive Robots
 Mobile Robots
 Autonomous Robots
 Human-Robot Interaction
 Walking and Climbing Robots
 Robotic Automation
 Robot Localization and Map Building
Ambient Intelligence
 Smart Cities
 Internet of Things
 Ambient Assisted Living
 Smart Healthcare
 Intelligent Transportation
 Data Science
 Sensing and Sensor Networks
 Affective computing
 Agents and Multi-agent Systems
 Context-aware pervasive systems

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