Visible to the public CPS: Small: Mathematical, Computational, and Perceptual Foundations for Interactive Cyber-Physical Systems

Project Details
Lead PI:Timothy Bretl
Co-PI(s):Seth Hutchinson
Performance Period:09/01/09 - 08/31/13
Institution(s):University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sponsor(s):National Science Foundation
Award Number:0931871
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Abstract: The objective of this research is to create interfaces that enable people with impaired sensory-motor function to control interactive cyber-physical systems such as artificial limbs, wheelchairs, automobiles, and aircraft. The approach is based on the premise that performance can be significantly enhanced merely by warping the perceptual feedback provided to the human user. A systematic way to design this feedback will be developed by addressing a number of underlying mathematical and computational challenges. The intellectual merit lies in the way that perceptual feedback is constructed. Local performance criteria like stability and collision avoidance are encoded by potential functions, and gradients of these functions are used to warp the display. Global performance criteria like optimal navigation are encoded by conditional probabilities on a language of motion primitives, and metric embeddings of these probabilities are used to warp the display. Together, these two types of feedback facilitate improved safety and performance while still allowing the user to retain full control over the system. If successful, this research could improve the lives of people suffering from debilitating physical conditions such as amputation or stroke and also could protect people like drivers or pilots that are impaired by transient conditions such as fatigue, boredom, or substance abuse. Undergraduate and graduate engineering students will benefit through involvement in research projects, and K-12 students and teachers will benefit through participation in exhibits presented at the Engineering Open House, an event hosted annually by the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois.