Visible to the public CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Localization and System Services for SpatioTemporal Actions in Cyber-Physical Systems

Project Details
Lead PI:Rajesh Gupta
Performance Period:09/15/09 - 08/31/12
Institution(s):University of California-San Diego
Sponsor(s):National Science Foundation
Award Number:0932360
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Abstract: The objective of this research is to develop models, methods and tools for capturing and processing of events and actions in cyber-physical systems (CPS) in a manner that does not violate the underlying physics or computational logic. The project approach uses a novel notion of cyber-physical objects (CPO) to capture the mobility and localization of computation in cyber-physical systems using recent advances in geolocation and the Internet infrastructure and supports novel methods for spatiotemporal resource discovery. Project innovations include a model for computing spatiotemporal relationships among events of interests in the physical and logical parts of a CPS, and its use in a novel cyberspatial reference model. Using this model the project builds a framework for locating cyber-physical application services and an operating environment for these services. The project plan includes an experimental platform to demonstrate capabilities for building new OS services for CPS applications including collaborative control applications drawn from the intermodal transportation system. The project will enable design and analysis of societal scale applications such as the transportation and electrical power grid that also include a governance structure. It will directly contribute to educating an engineering talent pool by offering curricular training that range from degree programs in embedded systems to seminars and technology transfer opportunities coordinated through the CalIT2 institute at UCSD and the Institute for Sensing Systems (ISS) at OSU. The team will collaborate with the non-profit Milwaukee Institute to explore policies and mechanisms for enterprise governance systems.