cyber infrastructure


Visible to the public WaterSmart- A Decision-Support Web Service System to Facilitate Informed Irrigation Decision-Making

Irrigation significantly increases crop yields but consumes approximately 80% of consumptive water and 23-48% of all energy used in crop production in U.S. Therefore, developing low-cost efficient irrigation technologies, applicable at the state or even national level, will have significant impact in enhancing agricultural profitability and competitativity and environmental and economic health.


Visible to the public Cyber Infrastructure for Bridge Lifecycle Monitoring


The goal of this research project is to create a scalable and robust cyber-physical system (CPS) framework for the observation and control of the functional interdependencies between bridge structures (stationary physical systems) and trucks, vehicles and human inspectors (mobile physical agents). Figure 1 shows the SHM-based CPS framework that is built around demonstration highway bridges with permanent wireless bridge monitoring system installed.