medical devices


Visible to the public Computer-aided Clinical Trials for Medical Devices Robustness - Evaluation

Computer modeling and simulation for medical device evaluation has been pursued as a means for reducing the cost and scope of clinical trials while minimizing the risk of unforeseen adverse outcomes. Advances in computational technologies and algorithms have further enabled analysis with complex and realistic Bayesian models to be applied to clinical trials.


Visible to the public Architecturally-Integrated Hazard Analyses for Medical Application Platforms

The objective of this research is to develop new forms of tool-supported safety analyses for next-generation integrated medical systems that are based on the concept of medical application platforms (MAP). A MAP is a safety- and security-critical real-time computing platform for (a) integrating heterogeneous devices, medical IT systems, and information displays via a communication infrastructure and (b) hosting application programs ("apps") that provide medical utility via the ability to both acquire information from and update/control integrated devices, IT systems, and displays.