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Visible to the public CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative Research: WARP: Wide Area assisted Resilient Protection

The overarching goal is to employ a Wide-Area measurement-aided supervisory layer for correcting maloperation in relays, which can prevent system-wide blackouts. PSU's task in this project is to ensure distinction between disturbance outlier and anomalous outlier in such Wide-Area measurements. This poster presents a Principal Component Analysis (PCA)-based method for online characterization of outliers in Wide-Area synchrophasor measurements. To that end, a linearized framework is established to analyze dynamical response from a system under nominal and off-nominal (e.g.


Visible to the public Use of Phishing Training to Improve Security Warning Compliance: Evidence From a Field Experiment

ABSTRACT: The current approach to protect users from phishing attacks is to display a warning when the webpage is considered suspicious. We hypothesize that users are capable of making correct informed decisions when the warning also conveys the reasons why it is displayed.


Visible to the public WARP: Wide Area Resilient Protection


Protective relays play a crucial role in steering the dynamics of the electric grid during stressed system conditions. However, as some blackout logs have shown, relay mis-operations during stressed conditions can trigger a cascade eventually leading to a blackout. Currently, there is no way to correct such mis-operations, should they occur. We propose the use of wide-area information to supervise relay operation, especially those attached to generator units and critical transmission lines.