human performance


Visible to the public An Advanced Experimental Platform for Physical Human-Machine Interaction

A 4-degree-of-freedom powered exercise and/or rehabilitation machine has been designed for studies in physical human-machine interaction. The machine, called CSU 4OptimX, is fitted with 4-axis motion and force sensors and a robust impedance control system. A visualization system is used to provide motion reference paths for the human to follow. The control system uses real-time optimization to generate human motion reference paths, machine reference paths and a set of impedance parameters for each axis.


Visible to the public Cyber-Enabled Repetitive Motions in Rehabilitation


The project seeks to develop cyber-enabled exercise machines (CEEMs), which will be characterized by: i. intrinsic safety, ii. an extended use of sensing and estimation of biomechanical data, iii. real-time adaptation and guidance to the user to achieve optimal exercise. The project will develop optimality criteria on the basis of collective activation of target muscle groups.