Visible to the public TWC: TTP Option: Large: Collaborative: Internet-Wide Vulnerability Measurement, Assessment, and Notification

This project aims to reduce the impact of software vulnerabilities in Internet-connected systems by developing data-driven techniques for vulnerability measurement, assessment, and notification. Recent advances in Internet-wide scanning make it possible to conduct network surveys of the full public IPv4 address space in minutes.


Visible to the public CAREER: Towards Secure and Policy-Compliant Encrypted Communications

The past several years have seen a fundamental change in the way that individuals use technology to communicate. One aspect of this change has been the widespread deployment of new encrypted communications systems that are used by billions of users. With the emergence of new, practical encrypted messaging protocols and storage technologies, encryption is now available to the public in a quantity and quality that could only be imagined in previous decades. With the deployment of secure encryption technology comes new challenges.