Visible to the public TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Re[DP]: Realistic Data Mining Under Differential Privacy

The collection and analysis of personal data about individuals has revolutionized information systems and fueled US and global economies. But privacy concerns regarding the use of such data loom large. Differential privacy has emerged as a gold standard for mathematically characterizing the privacy risks of algorithms using personal data. Yet, adoption of differentially private algorithms in industry or government agencies has been startlingly rare.


Visible to the public Design, Perception, and Action - Engineering Information Give-Away

The design of social media interfaces greatly shapes how much, and when, people decide to reveal private information. For example, a designer can highlight a new system feature (e.g., your travel history displayed on a map) and show which friends are using this new addition. By making it seem as if sharing is the norm -- after all, your friends are doing it -- the designer signals to the end-user that he can and should participate and share information.