Visible to the public TWC: Small: Collaborative: Towards Agile and Privacy-Preserving Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers many benefits to users, including increased availability and flexibility of resources, and efficiency of equipment. However, privacy concerns are becoming a major barrier to users transitioning to cloud computing. The privilege design of existing cloud platforms creates great challenges in ensuring the trustworthiness of cloud by granting too much power to the cloud administrators, who could launch serious insider attacks by abusing the administrative privileges.


Visible to the public TTP: Small: Collaborative: Defending Against Website Fingerprinting in Tor

The more people use the Internet, the more they risk sharing information they don't want other people to know. Tor is a technology that every day helps millions of people protect their privacy online. Tor users -- ranging from ordinary citizens to companies with valuable intellectual property -- gain protection for the content of their online messages and activities, as well as whom they interact with and when. For the most part, Tor is very secure. However, it has a known vulnerability to an attack called website fingerprinting.


Visible to the public TWC: Small: Provably Enforcing Practical Multi-Layer Policies in Today's Extensible Software Platforms

A defining characteristic of modern personal computing is the trend towards extensible platforms (e.g., smartphones and tablets) that run a large number of specialized applications, many of uncertain quality or provenance. The common security mechanisms available on these platforms are application isolation and permission systems. Unfortunately, it has been repeatedly shown that these mechanisms fail to prevent a range of misbehaviors, including privilege-escalation attacks and information-flow leakage.