Wearable devices


Visible to the public Wearable-Machine Interface Architectures

Wrist-worn wearable devices provide rich sets of pulsatile physiological data under various modalities and circumstances. An unexploited capability is that the pulsatile physiological time series collected by wrist-worn wearable devices can be used for recovering internal brain dynamics. This Cyber Physical System research project integrates computational algorithms for state-space estimation with wrist-worn wearable devices that sense the physiological signals to present wearable machine-interface architectures related to mental stress.


Visible to the public Data Representation and Modeling for Unleashing the Potential of Multi-Modal Wearable Sensing Systems

The recent increase in the variety and usage of wearable sensing systems allows for the continuous monitoring of health and wellness of users. The output of these systems enable individuals to make changes to their personal routines in order to minimize exposures to pollutants and maintain healthy levels of exercise. Furthermore, medical practitioners are using these systems to monitor proper activity levels for rehabilitation purposes and to monitor threatening conditions such as heart arrhythmias.