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Visible to the public An Aircraft Electric Power System Domain-Specific Language for Reactive Control Protocols


Domain-specific languages are languages adapted to a particular application or set of tasks. While general purpose languages (e.g., C or Java) may offer broader programming features, domain-specific languages (e.g., HTML or Verilog) provide more expressiveness and ease of use within a given domain [3]. Examples of languages used in the context of cyber-physical systems can be found in [1] and [2].


Visible to the public Scarcity of User Information and the Link Between Computer Security and Reliability

This paper studies manufacturer incentives to invest in the improvement of reliability and security of a software system when (i) reliability and security failures are caused by the same errors in the development of the software components and (ii) naive users find it too costly to distinguish between these two classes of system failures.We trace the effects of these informational imperfections and discuss how the resulting supply and demand externalities affect manufacturer investments.