University of Pennsylvania


Visible to the public CPS-VO: Active Resources

Explanation of Demonstration: The central objective of the proposed research is to transform the CPS-VO from a collaboration platform and passive repository of information into an active resource that provides access to tools and methods emerging from the CPS research community. The project will make a significant contribution to education via support to student competitions that will help prepare a new generation of students who will be inspired and trained to realize the promise of CPS.


Visible to the public Keynote Presentation: Differential Privacy and Data Analysis

ABSTRACT: In this talk, we will give a friendly introduction to Differential Privacy, a rigorous methodology for analyzing data subject to provable privacy guarantees, that has recently been widely deployed in several settings.


Visible to the public Security of Cyber-Physical Systems: Challenges and Approaches

ABSTRACT: Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are used to monitor and control real-world systems, ranging from implantable life-critical medical devices to large safety-critical infrastructures.