University of Missouri


Visible to the public Cyber-Physical Sensing, Modeling, & Control with Augmented Reality for Smart Manufacturing Workforce Training & Operations Mgmt.

While U.S. manufacturers are investing tremendous efforts and resources to regain the power and growth of manufacturing, they are confronted by a set of critical and challenging issues on the workforce.

Specifically, (1) lack of workforce with advanced training and skills; (2) need for rapid, smart, and individualized training to achieve workforce agility; and (3) on-the-job personal assistance to improve worker performance, safety and comfort.


Visible to the public Cyber-Physical Sensing, Modeling, and Control for Large-Scale Wastewater Reuse and Algal Biomass Production


Rapid industrialization and increased pollution impose severe threats to the availability and quality of water resources worldwide. Currently, many wastewater treatment plants are discharging treated wastewater containing significant amounts of nutrients, such as nitrogen, ammonium, and phosphate ions, directly into the water system, posing significant threats to the environment. Finding a solution for effective treatment and safe discharge of wastewater has become an urgent and challenging task.


Visible to the public CPS: Medium: Active Heterogeneous Sensing for Fall Detection and Fall Risk Assessment

Americans are living longer and more fulfilling lives. They desire to live as independently as possible, but independent lifestyles come with risks, such as debilitating falls that limit mobility. To address these issues, researchers are developing "smart home" technologies to enhance residents' safety and monitor health conditions using sensors and other devices. In particular, the continuous assessment of physical function is a key indicator of initial decline in health and functional ability.