University of California at Berkeley


Visible to the public CPS: Frontiers: Collaborative Research: Foundations of Resilient CybEr-Physical Systems (FORCES)

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are being increasingly deployed in critical infrastructures such as electric-power, water, transportation, and other networks. These deployments are facilitating real-time monitoring and closed-loop control by exploiting the advances in wireless sensor-actuator networks, the internet of "everything," data-driven analytics, and machine-to-machine interfaces. CPS operations depend on the synergy of computational and physical components.


Visible to the public CPS: TTP Option: Synergy: Traffic Operating System for Smart Cities

The purpose of this project is to develop, simulate and test through targeted vehicle and roadway infrastructure field test experiments a traffic operating system (TOS) that organizes existing computation, communication and automotive technologies to minimize congestion by increasing traffic throughput and to enhance safety by reducing driver errors through the use of cooperative adaptive cruise control strategies. These goals are achieved through integration of traffic measurements with the&