Visible to the public Collaborative Research: An Expedition in Computing for Compiling Printable Programmable Machines

Explanation of Demonstration: Interactive Robogami is a design tool for ground robots. Visitors will be able to try out the software, design their own custom vehicles, and explore how changes in the geometry and motion of the design affect its speed, trajectory, cost, etc.


Visible to the public CAREER: Resilient Design of Networked Infrastructure Systems: Models, Validation, and Synthesis

This project advances the scientific knowledge on design methods for improving the resilience of civil infrastructures to disruptions. To improve resilience, critical services in civil infrastructure sectors must utilize new diagnostic tools and control algorithms that ensure survivability in the presence of both security attacks and random faults, and also include the models of incentives of human decision makers in the design process.


Visible to the public Co-design of Platform and Control in NCS Using an Overrun Framework


This research is focused on the co-design of platform and control of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Limited and shared resources among several control and non-control applications in CPS introduce delays in transmitted messages, which in turn can degrade system performance or even cause instabilities. While a worst-case delay based design can accommodate such delays, they often are pessimistic and lead to an overdesign as worst case delays happen infrequently.