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Visible to the public CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Building a Smart City Economy and Information Ecosystem to Motivate Pro-Social Transportation Behavior

The growth and expansion of cities since the mid 20th century has led to a strong dependency on private automobiles. During the last years, urban planners have started rethinking the mobility modes in a city and have finally realized that a truly sustainable transportation and urban environment in general, requires a shift to multimodal transportation. In the PittSmartLiving project, we view the shift to multimodal transportation in a holistic way.


Visible to the public Formal Models of Human Control and Interaction with Cyber Physical Systems.pdf


One of the most important challenges in the design and deployment of Cyber-Physical Systems is how to formally guarantee that they are amenable to effective human control. This is a challenging problem not only because of the operational changes and increasing complexity of future CPS but also because of the nonlinear nature of the human-CPS system under realistic assumptions.