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Visible to the public SCOPE 2020

SCOPE 2020

Summary of Past SCOPE Workshops:


Visible to the public Mitigating Adversarial Machine Learning

Mitigating Adversarial Machine Learning

Visible to the public CPS Summit 2016

CPS Summit

CPS Summit 2016
Vienna, Austria | April 10, 2016 | Co-located with CPS Week 2016

The goal of the CPS Summit workshop is to concretize results of the first CPS Summit workshop in Seattle on identifying opportunities for intensifying the collaboration on CPS research and development between North America and Europe; we will work towards the following results:


Visible to the public U.S.-German Workshop on the Internet of Things (IoT) / Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

U.S.-German Workshop on the Internet of Things-Cyber-Physical Systems

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