Real-Time Coordination

Coordinating individual systems to function dynamically and simultaneously in all situations.

Visible to the public CPS: Small: A Real-Time Cognitive Operating System

Project Details
University of Texas at Austin

Visible to the public Image Guided Autonomous Optical Manipulation of Cell Groups

The objective of this research is to create computational foundation, methods, and tools for efficient and autonomous optical micromanipulation using microsphere ensembles as grippers. This research is expected to lead to a new way of autonomously manipulating difficult-to-trap or sensitive objects using microspheres ensembles as reconfigurable grippers.

Visible to the public CPS: Small: Real-time, Simulation-based Planning and Asynchronous Coordination for Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-physical systems research aims to provide devices with autonomous decision-making that are robust enough to be employed in a variety of important applications. Thus, it is necessary to design physically-grounded intelligent agents that autonomously plan and coordinate their actions as they interact with complex physical processes. Physically-grounded means that the agents must model the physical world in a realistic manner and consider the effects of physical constraints.