Visible to the public Himanshu Neema wins Best Paper Award at HoTSoS 2020

Congratulations to Himanshu Neema for winning the Best Paper Award at HoTSoS 2020! 

"Simulation Testbed for Railway Infrastructure Security and Resilience Evaluation" was submitted to HoTSoS 2020 earlier this year and presented by Dr. Neema, on behalf of himself and his team, on the first day of the symposium. The Best Paper Award was given to him that same day. Dr. Neema's team was comprised of Xenofon Koutsoukos, Bradley Potteiger, CheeYee Tang, and Keith Stouffer. 

A recording of the awards ceremony is not publicly available.


Visible to the public Multi-model Test Bed for the Simulation-based Evaluation of Resilience

We have developed the SURE platform, a modeling and simulation integration testbed for evaluation of resilience for complex CPS [1]. Our previous efforts resulted in a web-based collaborative design environment for attack-defense scenarios supported by a cloud-deployed simulation engine for executing and evaluating the scenarios. The goal of this project is to extend these design and simulation capabilities for better understanding the security and resilience aspects of CPS systems.