University of Waterloo


Visible to the public String Solvers for Web Security


Over the last decade, SMT solvers [1, 2] have made a huge impact in automatic bug-finding, analysis and verification of desktop software. More recently, string solvers are starting to have a similar impact on security analysis and vulnerability detection in web applications. String solvers provide a rich constraint language essential for security analysis of web applications, and recently have become efficient enough to be used at scale.


Visible to the public Consensus of Multi-Agent Networks in the Presence of Adversaries Using Only Local Information

ABSTRACT: This paper addresses the problem of resilient consensus in the presence of misbehaving nodes. Although it is typical to assume knowledge of at least some nonlocal information when studying secure and fault-tolerant consensus algorithms, this assumption is not suitable for large-scale dynamic networks. To remedy this, we emphasize the use of local strategies to deal with resilience to security breaches.


Visible to the public Using Multicore Architectures in Cyber-Physical Systems

The demand for higher performance computing platforms has dramatically increased during the last decade due to the continuous feature enhancement process. For instance, in automotive systems new safety features like `night view assist’ and `automatic emergency breaking’ require the fusion of sensor data, video processing and real-time warnings when an obstacle is detected on the road; in the avionics domain new applications such as the helmet-mounted display systems require intensive video processing capabilities.