Visible to the public EDU: A Capture-the-Flag Service for Computer Security Courses

Security games such as Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competitions tap into and cultivate the intrinsic motivation in people to solve puzzles. Such games provide a compelling experience for security practitioners looking to test their skills. Given the level of engagement these games produce, there have been efforts to bring the format into the classroom. While CTFs are ideal for measuring the level of expertise of its participants, there are significant issues that must be overcome before the format can be used in the classroom.


Visible to the public EDU: CySec: A Cybersecurity Collectable Card Game for Children

We believe it is a national imperative to cultivate American cybersecurity experts from a young age. However, middle school students from underrepresented groups are typically unaware of career opportunities in cybersecurity, and what they entail. Children who are members of underrepresented groups often lack a sense of identification with STEM fields and endeavors and should be introduced to career paths that are culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate.


Visible to the public EDU: Collaborative: Integrating Embedded Systems Security into Computer Engineering and Science Curricula

With the advancement of technologies, networked devices become ubiquitous in the society. Such devices are not limited to traditional computers and smart phones, but are increasingly extended to cover a wide variety of embedded systems (ES), such as sensors monitoring bridges, electronics controlling the operation of automobiles and industrial equipment, home medicine devices that are constantly reporting patient health information to doctors.