High Assurance CPS


Visible to the public Scalable Component-based Model Revision of Cyber-Physical Systems with Separation of Concerns


As part of our CPS project, we have focused on the problem of model repair for cyber-physical systems. This work involves identifying constraints caused due to physical components during revision. We consider four types of constraints cyber-cyber, cyber-physical, physical-cyber and physical-physical. Based on the complexity limitations caused by these constraints we are developing efficient heuristics to mitigate the cost of model repair. We have also focused on extending revision to code level.


Visible to the public Organizing the shared space

Paul: In the 2-day "brainstorming" have you come up with some topics on which discussion should continue in this space? In particular, I would like to see topics or discussion threads on issues that are cross-domain (of course examples from the medical device field are fine - people relate to them better anyway). For example, consider the topic "CONFIDENCE." An issue that may be of broad interest: Why should a confidence case be an entity distinct from a safety case? Confidence should be a property of the evidence or the argument and, as a result, a property of the claim.

Visible to the public High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS)

The goal of the High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program is to create technology for the construction of high-assurance, cyber-physical systems, where high assurance is defined to mean functionally correct and satisfying appropriate safety and security properties. Achieving this goal requires a fundamentally different approach from what the software community has taken to date. HACMS will adopt a clean-slate, formal methods–based approach that enables semi-automated code synthesis from executable, formal specifications.