Visible to the public TWC: Phase: Medium: Collaborative Proposal: Understanding and Exploiting Parallelism in Deep Packet Inspection on Concurrent Architectures

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a crucial tool for protecting networks from emerging and sophisticated attacks. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to implement DPI effectively due to the rising need for more complex analysis, combined with the relentless growth in the volume of network traffic that these systems must inspect. To address this challenge, future DPI technologies must exploit the power of emerging highly concurrent multi- and many-core platforms.


Visible to the public TWC: Phase: Small: Censorship Counterstrike via Measurement, Filtering, Evasion, and Protocol Enhancement

This project studies Internet censorship as practiced by some of today's nation-states. The effort emphasizes analyzing the techncial measures used by censors to perform censorship, the extent to which their operations inflict collateral damage (unintended blocking, or blocking of activity wholly outside the censoring nation), and vulnerabilities due to the specifics of how censorship operates.


Visible to the public TWC: Phase: Small: Software Cruising for System Security

Software bugs and vulnerabilities are primary causes for cyber-security breaches in today's society. Runtime monitoring, a technique to enforce safety and security properties at program execution time, is essential to detect intrusions and keep the system healthy. One of the main obstacles to adopt runtime monitoring techniques in practice is high performance overhead. Inlined security monitoring enforcement often delays and blocks the execution of protected programs.