Network Side Channels


Visible to the public  TWC: Small: Collaborative: Multipath TCP Side Channel Vulnerabilities and Defenses

The objective of this project is to understand and strengthen the security of Multipath TCP (MPTCP) - an IETF standardized suite of TCP extensions that allow one MPTCP connection, consisting of multiple sub-connections between two hosts, to use multiple paths simultaneously. Even though MPTCP has been gaining momentum in being widely deployed, its security is yet to be well understood. The project is expected to raise awareness of MPTCP security and ultimately yield a foundation for MPTCP security.


Visible to the public CRII: SaTC: Analyzing and verifying the security of TCP stacks under multi-entity interactions

The objective of this project is to strengthen the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), a ubiquitous core Internet protocol, under emerging threat models to make it robust and secure enough to serve the needs of 'smart' technologies in communications, automobiles, medical devices, and other devices that touch our lives every day. It is terrifying to imagine that a smart car could fail to report an accident automatically due to a denial of service attack on its TCP connections, or a smart medical device could fail to report a patient's change in condition.