North Carolina State University


Visible to the public Bringing the Multicore Revolution to Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems


Shared hardware resources like caches and translation look aside buffers (TLBs) introduce timing unpredictability for real-time systems. We propose techniques to mitigate unpredictabil- ity for multicore systems. The TLB improves the performance of the system by caching the virtual page to physical frame mapping. But TLBs present a source of unpredictability for real-rime systems. Standard heap allocated regions do not provide guarantees on the TLB set that will hold a particular page translation.


Visible to the public An Adoption Theory for Secure Software Development Tools


Secure software development tools can help improve the security of software, but many software developers do not use such tools. The poster discusses our findings about why software developers do and do not use security tools, based on 43 interviews with software developers. The results suggest that a variety of factors, encompassing both technical and social aspects, influence developers' decisions.