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Visible to the public Taming JavaScript with F*


Traditionally confined to the web browser, JavaScript can now be found on servers running Node.js, on mobile devices of all sorts, and even natively in the Windows 8 operating system. Developers for these platforms routinely program directly in JavaScript, although, increasingly, they may generate JavaScript from other sources using a variety of compilers. Despite this widespread adoption, the programming languages community has a dubious view of JavaScript, because its unusual semantics can lead to hard-to-detect bugs.


Visible to the public Tech Transfer of Software Tools


"Invent a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door? Not!"

Great ideas and even great research does not sell itself. Someone has to convince an organization to turn an idea into a workable application and then convince many people to use it. In a university or research lab, this process is called tech transfer and is rarely done well.