Visible to the public The Impact of QoT on Estimation and Control

Inexpensive computation and ubiquitous embedded sensing, actuation, and communication provide tremendous opportunities for societal impact, but also great challenges in the design of networked control systems, because the traditional unity feedback loop that operates in continuous time or at a fixed sampling rate is not adequate when sensor data arrives from multiple sources, asynchronously, delayed, possibly corrupted, and -- especially important for this project -- the different entities that participate in the control system do not share a common clock.


Visible to the public Computer-aided Clinical Trials for Medical Devices Robustness - Evaluation

Computer modeling and simulation for medical device evaluation has been pursued as a means for reducing the cost and scope of clinical trials while minimizing the risk of unforeseen adverse outcomes. Advances in computational technologies and algorithms have further enabled analysis with complex and realistic Bayesian models to be applied to clinical trials.


Visible to the public A Science of CPS Robustness

Robust Linear Temporal Logic (rLTL) was crafted to incorporate the notion of robustness into Linear-time Temporal Logic specifications. Robustness is ubiquitous in control systems and translates the intuitive notion that "small" violations of environment assumptions should only lead to "small" violations of system guarantees. This notion was formalized in the logic rLTL via 5 different truth values and it led to an increase in the time complexity of the associated model checking problem.