Science of Security Community Meeting, Nov '12


Visible to the public Compositional Security

Anupam Datta is an Assistant Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, where he has appointments in the CyLab, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and (by courtesy) Computer Science departments. His research focuses on the scientific foundations of security and privacy. Datta's work has led to new principles for securely composing network protocols and software systems; applications of these principles have influenced several IEEE and IETF standards.


Visible to the public An Adoption Theory for Secure Software Development Tools


Secure software development tools can help improve the security of software, but many software developers do not use such tools. The poster discusses our findings about why software developers do and do not use security tools, based on 43 interviews with software developers. The results suggest that a variety of factors, encompassing both technical and social aspects, influence developers' decisions.