Visible to the public WARP- Wide Area assisted Resilient Protection

The goal of the project is to develop techniques that will allow detection and correction of relay misoperations in electric grids. The work from NDSU in (2017-2018): 1) advanced the concept of energy function traces to detect disturbance events in power systems including: temporary and permanent line faults, load loss and excitation failures 2) developed SVD/PCA methods to determine the sensitivity and accuracy of energy-based methods.


Visible to the public Online Robust PCA for Malicious Attack-Resilient Wide Area Monitoring

This poster presents a method for detecting and correcting malicious data corruptions in PMU measurements. Detection of malicious injections is formulated as a compressed sensing problem and the actual signals are recovered using an online robust PCA-based algorithm. Different patterns of malicious injection attacks on PMU data are considered and the effect of corruption and reconstruction using the algorithm is analyzed on wide-area mode metering application. The performance of the proposed algorithm has been evaluated with different subspace selection.