Hardware Security Design


Visible to the public STARSS: Small: Design of Light-weight RRAM based Hardware Security Primitives for IoT devices

Our society has become increasingly dependent on electronic information exchange between personal devices and the cloud. Unfortunately, the number of identity and secure information leaks is on the rise. Many of the security breaches are due to insecure access channels to the cloud. The security problem is likely to be exacerbated in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) era where billions of devices in our homes, offices and cars are digitally connected.


Visible to the public EAGER: Digital Inequalities in the Heartland: Exploring the Information Security Experiences of Marginalized Internet Users

This project aims to understand how Internet technology may affect patrons' privacy and data security when they use public access computers, and to develop technical solutions that will enable these individuals to go online more safely and securely. The project concentrates especially on people who are economically poor and vulnerable to risk, such as very young or old people, people of color, immigrants, Native people, non-English speakers, and the disabled. Often these patrons must rely on public libraries for their broadband Internet access.