Visible to the public Trusted CPS from Untrusted Components

The nation's critical infrastructures are increasingly dependent on systems that use computers to control vital physical components. Imagine if you lose electric power, your water stops flowing, airplanes stop flying, medical devices stop working, and chemical plants explode. These are all examples of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) that are vulnerable to attack through their computer systems, through their physical properties such as power flow, water flow, chemistry, etc., or through both.


Visible to the public Secure Algorithms for Cyber-Physical Systems

The objective of this project is to formulate and validate a methodology for creating secure algorithms in cyber-physical systems. The algorithms must be secure even when the devices do not trust each other. A typical CPS is composed of many devices, each with both a cyber component and a physical component, interacting in a common physical system and communicating with their neighbors. The devices may be malicious and provide false information or fail to take actions as claimed, or the communication channel may be compromised.