Visible to the public TickTalk: Timing API for Federated Cyber-Physical Systems

The goal of this research is to enable a broad spectrum of programmers to successfully create apps for distributed computing systems including smart and connected communities, or for systems that require tight coordination or synchronization of time. Creating an application for, say, a smart intersection necessitates gathering information from multiple sources, e.g., cameras, traffic sensors, and passing vehicles; performing distributed computation; and then triggering some action, such as a warning.


Visible to the public CPS: Synergy: High-Fidelity, Scalable, Open-Access Cyber Security Testbed for Accelerating Smart Grid Innovations & Deployments

Cybersecurity and resiliency of the power grid is of paramount importance to national security and economic well-being. CPS security testbeds are enabling technologies that provide realistic experimental platforms for the evaluation and validation of security technologies within controlled environments. In this regard, the following are the key objectives of the project: