supervisory control


Visible to the public Energy-Aware Formal Synthesis for Supervisory Control and Information Acquisition in Cyber-Physical Systems

This project is developing theoretical foundations and computational algorithms for synthesizing higher-level supervisory and information-acquisition control logic in cyber-physical systems that expend or replenish their resources while interacting with the environment. On the one hand, qualitative requirements capture the safety requirements that are imposed on the system as it operates. On the other hand, quantitative requirements capture resource constraints in the context of energy-aware systems.


Visible to the public Development of Novel Architectures for Control and Diagnosis of Safety-Critical Complex Cyber-Physical Systems

The project is developing novel architectures for control and diagnosis of complex cyber--physical systems subject to stringent performance requirements in terms of safety, resilience, and adaptivity. These ever--increasing demands necessitate the use of formal model--based approaches to synthesize provably--correct feedback controllers.