Power management


Visible to the public Modular Power Orchestration at the Meso-scale

Energy storage and power distribution comprise an integral part of the engineered systems that play critical roles in people's everyday lives, including transportation, utility, health, and security. However, in today's cyber-physical platforms, the generation, storage, allocation, and distribution of energy among modules is often managed in a haphazard and rigid manner that is fixed at the system design stage.


Visible to the public Optimal Resource Management in Wireless Control Systems


Modern cyber-physical applications appearing in, e.g., industrial and building automation, often utilize wireless communication to transfer information between sensors, controllers, and actuators. The wireless devices used to carry out the communication, however, are characterized by resource constraints, e.g., limited battery power resources for transmission. To achieve a desirable balance between control application performance and resource utilization, efficient resource management mechanisms are necessary.