Visible to the public Reducing Household Food, Energy, and Water Consumption- A Quantitative Analysis of Interventions and Impacts

This study uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate methods for reducing household FEW consumption and associated direct and indirect environmental impacts, including GHG emissions and water resources depletion.


Visible to the public Integrated Sensing and Control Algorithms for Computer-Assisted Training


The aims of this project are to contribute the fundamental physical and algorithmic building blocks of a novel cyber--physical two--way communication platform designed to enable accurate training and monitoring of canines. The project efforts lie at the intersection of computer science, electrical engineering, and veterinary behavior.


Visible to the public Deploying the Security Behavior Observatory: An Infrastructure for Long-term Monitoring of Client Machines

Abstract: Much of the data researchers usually collect about users' privacy and security behavior comes from short-term studies and focuses on specific, narrow activities. We present a design architecture and deployment of the Security Behavior Observatory (SBO), a client-server infrastructure designed to collect a wide array of data on user and computer security- and privacy-related behavior from a panel of hundreds of participants over several years. The SBO infrastructure had to be carefully designed to fulfill several requirements.